A̱ka̱la’s Response to Covid-19

A̱ka̱la has been closely monitoring the COVID-19 epidemic. Our number one priority is the safety and health of our community.

The future is uncertain at this time, we do not know how long this will last, and we do not know what the global and local impacts will be.

One thing we do know is that the Musgamakw Dzawada̱’enux̱w are strong in the face of adversity. We have always found a way to stay connected to who we are through continued attempts at erasure. We have also always found ways to find laughter in difficult situations. We will will continue to thrive, we will continue to connect (from a safe distance – 2m, or virtually), and we will continue to grow stronger together.

Please be gentle with yourself through all these changes. It is OK to cry, it is OK to feel anxious, it is OK to be unproductive. We are in a unprecedented situation. Take time to sit with that new reality. If you need to talk, the team at A̱ka̱la is here to listen.

If it is within your ability, reach out to our more vulnerable ‘na̱myut over the phone, or social media (we have a lot of tech savvy elders in our community after all). Make sure that they are taken care of, that they feel loved and supported.

The A̱ka̱la team is working hard to create ways to connect virtually. Along with our partners, Sea to Cedar, we are building a virtual Youth Network. More details will be released very soon.

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