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Lesson One

How to Make a Fire
la̱ḵwila – to make a fire

Lesson 2

Bak̕wa̱mkala with Pewi Alfred

  • dłax̱w’ida’s – stand
  • k̕wax’idas’s – sit
  • ḵas’ida’s – walk
  • wa’la – stop
  • xa̱lpida’s – turn around
  • da̱xw’ida’s – jump
  • dza̱lx̱w’ida’s – run

Lesson 3

How to build a shelter with a bit of rope and a tarp

Lesson 4

Hayałiligas, Bobbi Smith nee Willie, shares with us the traditional laws and values of the Musgamakw Dzawada̱’enux̱w.

Lesson 5

Am’yaxid, Lindsey Willie teaches about the Ba̱kwa̱s.

Lesson 6

Donna Cranmer teaches how to make a cedar rope bracelet.

Lesson 7

Learn traditional uses of four important trees with Ik’sta̱mgilag̱ame’, Julia.

Lesson 8

Amya’xid, Lindsey Willie, tells us about the story of the Thunderbird and it’s connection to our Hiługwila, baby naming ceremony.

Lesson 9

Yadanala, Pewi Alfred teaches us the hand movements to G̱alisuk̕wala.

Meet Up Themes


What is community, ideals from home community? What communities are you a part of? What is something you want to bring to this community?


What does a healthy relationship look like? What does an unhealthy relationship look like?

Conflict Resolution

How is conflict expressed? What may be the underlying cause? WOW: What’s up, Own up, What’s next.


What are positive coping skills? What are negative coping skills?

Mindfulness Exercise

Musgamakw Dzawada̱’enux̱w Traditional Laws and Values with Guest Facilitator Hayałiligas, Bobbi Smith

What are the traditional laws of the Musgamakw? How do they inform our values?


What is neuroplasticity? How is it involved in creating our habits of reacting and interacting?


Story of T̕seḵame’s battle with K̕aniḵilakw

Efficacy and Belief in Self

What is the relationship between belief in self and ability? How can you use visualization to achieve your goals?

Living by Values and Motivation

How do our values affect our motivation? Why is it important to live by our own values and not someone else’s?

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