G̱ilakas’la to our digital connections page. A̱ka̱la has developed this in response to the physical distancing measures that we must adhere to during the covid-19 pandemic. This page includes information about our Youth Network and Community Gatherings.

Youth Network

Sea to Cedar and A̱ka̱la are developing a digital youth network to maintain our connection to to one another and to Musgamakw territory. We will be teaching skills you would learn on an expedition with us, but instead of being out on the land you will be in the comfort of your homes. It will be fun, challenging and engaging! 

  • Details
    • April 15th-July 1st, 2020
    • 1 lesson drop per week with a project
    • 1 virtual video chat with Shawn and Julia (1 hr max)

The lessons will range from learning how to tie knots to harvesting foods traditionally. There are 6 lessons in total. Each lesson will have a small project that you will be expected to do before we meet over video chat. For lessons that require materials, we will be mailing out gift boxes with all necessary equipment.

The video chats will be similar to the evening circles we do out on the land. It will be a safe space to talk through some challenges that you are facing. We will engage in a new theme each week ranging from relationships, to conflicts, to how we are using social media. The conversations are structured but ultimately they will be about you and your peers and how we can create systems of support. We will have some games and fun along the way as well! 

Our intro session begins on April 15th, 2020 at 2pm.

Click below to access the Youth Network portal.

Community Gatherings

The community gatherings are open to all ages. This is a space to connect and learn from one another. We will be hosting singing practice, beading groups, and games nights!

Singing Group

Darren Lagis, Gwa’wala’galis

Darren grew up in Kingcome surrounded by culture. He involved himself at a very young age. Having mentors like uncle Frank Nelson, Darryll Dawson, K’odi Nelson William Wasden, Rande Cook, Sandy Willie and Rory Dawson. They made it easy for him to access songs and always took the time of day to help him. Darren wants to emulate that and to carry on in that light. To pay tribute to the ones that have taught him.

Stories from the Land

The Storytelling workshop series is a 6-week program that combines cultural storytelling with audio recording and augmented reality. The program is centered around stories from the land. Participants will learn the technical skills necessary to bring one of their own stories to life. They will be supported in developing their storytelling skills and styles by the cultural advisor.